Papa Ryuu Konogami





Color of Hair

Dark Brown

Color of Eyes

Dark Green

Mostly used Magic

Gold Make




Council Member, One of the Ten Saints

  • How does this character look: Papa is a high for his age man with short hair. He wears a long black coat and a red shirt. Also, his trousers are in the color of black too. His boots are black. His face is quite beautiful, but not perfect. He also has a different clothing. A yellow Fairy Tail t-shirt and dark blue trousers.

His boots are white.

  • What is this character's personality: Well, when in his first clothing, he is mostly calm and mature, however when talking to friends, he acts as "himself" (hidden personality). When in second, or so called "Papa's" clothing, he is very nice to children and everybody around him. He can always fight well though.

Jewel Ammount Edit

Konogami holds 10.000.000 of his own Jewel.

Magic Edit

Buff Magic Edit

Ryuu uses Buff Magic. It's a magic that lets him boost some of people's and monster's or creations' attributes. It is also put in two branches.

Magical Power Buff Magic Edit

This branch utilizes users Magical Power to create buffs. The better the buff, the more power it takes.

Give and Take Buff Magic Edit

This branch costs almost no power. It takes power from one attribute to another, for example from Speed to Defense. It is extremely useful against enemies.

Gold Make Magic Edit

Ryuu can create various things made out of gold. The power he needs to do so varies depending on the size of creation. His creations are made with both hands.

Requip Edit

Ryuu knows requip called "Golden Requip", because it only summons golden weapons. He calls all kinds of weapons, from daggers to war axes.

Telekinesis Edit

Ryuu can take things into the air and move them without use of hands.

History Edit

Ryuu was born in X782, and thus in age of peace. He was a happy child who once decided to study magic. And he began with Gold-Make. He turned out to be very good at magic, so he kept training and training for a long time, learning more kinds of magic. He was found by the Council after he destroyed a forest with Gold Make Stonerain... And asked to join it. His adventure kept going as a Council Member. For some reason, in X800, all council members dissapeared, leaving only him to lead the Mages. All the Wizard Saints dissapeared also, so he took place of one of them.

Synopsis Edit

X802 Arc Edit

Ryuu keeps leading the Mages in peace and watching them doing jobs. But they were not the only ones doing them, Ryuu did S-kyu jobs for himself!